EP25: Gina Bianchini on Building 'Magical' Communities that Monetize Passion Projects

Gina Bianchini is a strong believer in community.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, since Gina created Ning, an online platform where you can create custom social networks for your community. She then created Mighty Networks, a platform where anyone can create community-powered businesses easily.

For her, niche communities have always been fascinating. Since the early days of social media, Gina has been observing how people come together online.

With Mighty Networks, she brings entrepreneurs, business people, creators and brands together to a platform where they can create communities and share content. Gina is empowering community leaders by helping them monetize their passion projects.

Gina brings an interesting perspective to the table that we usually don’t think about - community building and social media are polar opposites of each other. Why? Because people like to interact and work with those that are interested in the same things and want to learn more about it together. Just like in video games where gamers from across the globe come together, form communities, share tips and tricks with other and do much more.

What’s interesting about Mighty Networks is how they are measuring the success of these communities. Unlike other platforms that may focus only on traditional metrics like engagement, Mighty Networks focuses on delivering value to ensure community members learn and grow.

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