EP11: How 'Global Graph Day' Inspired events in 50+ Cities with Neo4j

Karin Wolok is an expert at activating her community, she has a deep knowledge of what they need and what makes them tick. Graphs. Yes, graphs. Neo4j is a graph databasing company that works with eager community members all around the world who want to be a part of the community Karin has helped build.

There is something that Karin did that we have seen with many other communities like Docker and Startup Grind that has worked very well to activate communities. When you are running events with local volunteers you will never have 100% of your cities hosting events every month (we’ve seen 75% as a high mark for Startup Grind). It’s also seasonal as there are vacations, busy times for different industries, etc. All that being said there is a very effective method for activating them in one month that Karin touches upon very creatively.

She realized that Leonhard Euler had a birthday in April and decided to build a campaign around it called Global Graph Celebration Day. She was able to activate 50+ cities to host events just by announcing it. She knows the Leonhard Euler is revered in her space and ignited her community into action!

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